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3 thoughts on “ An Evening At Mrs. Clancys Bording House - Steve Porter (2) And Billy Murray / Cal Stewart - An Evening At Mrs. Clancys Bording House / The County Fair At Pumpkin Center (Shellac) ”

  1. Bragami says:
    No, child. That darky’s wife. Tom’s wife. Tom“’(). The way Mrs. Merriweather responded to Scout we can tell she could careless about Tom and his family or even all blacks as a whole. The attitude Mrs. Merriweather has when Scout even brought out Tom Robinson shows how the typical white person in Maycomb felt toward the black.
  2. Meztikazahn says:
    Agree Every day the owner uses the house there is an opportunity cost involved from AP at University of Washington.
  3. Voshakar says:
    Crooks, the stable buck, is introduced in Chapter 2 when George and Lennie are being shown around the bunk house by the old man referred to later as "the old swamper.".

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